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Partnerships & Collaborations

ReiThera built and continues to develop viral vector technology through pioneering efforts in gene-based medicine. By developing vaccines on our own as well as in collaboration with partners, we have gained extensive translational expertise with novel therapeutics.

ReiThera’s expertise in preclinical and translational development can help advance product candidates to address a variety of prophylactic and therapeutic indications and across a broad range of applications.

ReiThera has established a network of world-class research Institutes, physicians and highly regarded hospitals in Europe and the US, for the clinical development of the adeno-vectored vaccines. Several Phase I studies of prophylactic and therapeutic HCV vaccine candidates have been conducted in collaboration with expert clinicians and immunologists at the University of Oxford: Prof. Ellie Barnes and Prof. Paul Klenerman. New clinical studies are ongoing in the context of a collaborative European grant named PEACHI. The PEACHI project has three major goals:

  1. Assess the safety and immunogenicity of adenovirus prime / MVA boost HCV vaccines in HIV-1+ people who are treated with combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) – Trial PEACHI-02
  2. Conduct phase I clinical studies using two distinct ChAd vectors (one encoding HCV antigens and the other encoding HIV antigens) simultaneous. This strategy aims to prime responses against both HCV and HIV-1 antigenic targets concurrently – Trial PEACHI-04
  3. Evaluate the novel technology in humans. Recent work by our lab has shown that the immunogenicity of both adenoviral and MVA vectors is markedly improved when the encoded HCV immunogen is fused to mouse or human MHC class II invariant chain (Ii) – Trial PEACHI-03.

A multi-centric Phase II clinical testing of the adeno-vectored HCV prophylactic vaccine is being conducted in US (, fully sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

A Phase I clinical trial evaluating a pediatric vaccine against RSV infections has been conducted with Prof. Andy Pollard at the University of Oxford, UK. The same RSV vaccine has been evaluated in older adults.

Through collaboration with the Vaccine Research Centre (VRC) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the US, ReiThera has gathered valuable input for the development of adeno-vectored Ebola and Marburg vaccines.

ReiThera recently established a collaboration with Prof. Steve Jacobson at the NIH for the preclinical development of a novel therapeutic approach to multiple sclerosis based on a T-cell based vaccine for EBV.

To study the innate and the adaptive immune responses to different adenovirus serotypes, ReiThera has an ongoing collaboration with Prof. Robert Seder at the VRC, NIH, US.