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ReiThera Srl is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that aims to unlock the potential of an adenovirus vector gene-delivery platform, previously developed by Okairos.

At Okairos, we developed genetic vaccines for major infectious diseases, including hepatitis C, malaria, HIV, respiratory syncytial virus and influenza. Okairos was acquired by GSK in May 2013. Okairos Srl was divested to Keires AG, and then changed its name to ReiThera Srl. Now, ReiThera’s pipeline consists of proprietary GSK programs, some of which are being developed through partnerships.

ReiThera has laboratories in Rome and Naples, Italy and is a subsidiary of Keires AG, a company headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. ReiThera is continuing some of Okairos’ former activities under a research agreement with GSK.

Our approach is focused on exploiting highly-potent, replication-incompetent and replication-competent adenovirus vectors. Our expertise in designing, constructing and manufacturing adenovirus vector-based vaccines is focused on the next generation of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines.