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ReiThera Srl is a company devoted to develop and produce biopharmaceutical products based on gene delivery technologies for advanced therapies, in order to prevent and treat several serious or life-threatening diseases.

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ReiThera Srl – previously Okairos – was founded by an experienced team which pioneered the development, manufacture and early clinical testing of non-human origin adeno-vectored vaccines for major infectious diseases such as hepatitis C, malaria, HIV, Respiratory Syncytial Virus, and Ebola. Okairos was acquired by GlaxoSmithKline (“GSK”) in May 2013.

With fully-equipped, state of the art R&D laboratories and GMP production facility located in Rome, and auxiliary laboratories in Naples, ReiThera delivers reliable solutions at every step of early development to engineering and industrial process. From early development to final QP release, we provide tailored and effective solutions to meet the industry’s demanding regulatory standards and the expectations of the fast-growing market of gene-delivery technologies.

By innovating on gene delivery systems, manufacturing methods, and step-ahead regulatory compliance strategies, we continue — in seamless cooperation with our partners and clients, as well through our own R&D projects — to fulfill the requirements and exceed the challenges of this new and still untapped field.

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The growth of gene delivery technologies is at the core of a healthcare revolution – a step beyond one-size-fits-all approaches with the potential for individualized treatments. Over the past few decades, increased understanding of immunology and genomics has generated an unprecedented amount of biological information, which scientists are now beginning to translate into new life saving medicines.

ReiThera made significant improvements in viral vector engineering, from biological questions faced in early-stage research, to challenges of manufacturing and commercializing such therapies. Viral vector manufacturing portfolio currently includes human and primate adenoviruses, Adeno-Associated Viruses (AAV) and MVA. Our scientists are continuously working on groundbreaking projects with the purpose of empowering viral-vectored technology for next-generation immunotherapeutic and gene therapy products.

We believe that optimal engineering, process development and GMP manufacturing will place viral vector-based therapy at the forefront of modern medicine.

CMO - Contract Manufacturing Organization

Our state-of-the-art and fully-equipped facilities can satisfy even the highest demand regarding the development, manufacture, and storage of viral vectors, drugs, and clinical samples.

R&D - Immunology and Vectorology

We exploit the high potency of gene delivery technologies using viral vectors to boost T-cell and B-cell immune response against several major diseases.

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